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About Us
Universal Thrust Corporation (UTC) was founded in 1996 as a Security, Business and Financial Consultancy firm. Million Dollars Gift was designed as a community service of the company to help others help themselves with small investment on self-improvement. At the same token, it can skyrocket them into income brackets that they had only dreamed about with little effort and proper guidance.

As Security Consultants and providers, we are able to analyze your personal and business security needs and institute security procedures that are second to none in the industry. We also provide both armed and unarmed, executive protection and escort security services.

As Business Consultants, we can optimize your existing businesses to increase efficiency, productivity and correct obvious cash flow problems. Using standard industry techniques, we are able to produce guaranteed, measurable, and quantifiable results on return on investments. Through our outsourcing partners and associates, we can respond on a global scale without compromising price or quality. Our services include business evaluations and initial public offerings (IPO).

As Financial Consultants, our Financial Clinic is quite comprehensive to diagnose and provide solutions to most, if not all of your personal and business financial needs. We can finance or arrange for financing of your business startups, mergers and acquisitions, or anything in between.

Or should you ever be in need of collateral enhancement, or that extra punch to lend credence to your loan request, talk to us. We can either lend our financial strength, or arrange for an array of financial instruments to make navigating this dynamic and often misunderstood capital market a breeze.

You can select from the following options or request our recommendation(s) for the most suitable in your individual case(s): Rentable collaterals, Co-signing, International letters of credit and guarantees, Venture capital guarantees, Performance guarantees, Working capital enhancements, 100%, No-money down financing, Domestic letters of credit, IDB guarantees to back up bond issues, Prime bank notes and capital guarantees, Self-liquidating "loans", Arbitrage "loans", Stand-by letters of credit, High risk venture guarantees etc. We are virtually open to any viable business propositions. Do not hesitate or be embarrassed to ask.


In the 1700s, the American Colonies practiced interest free money that fueled her unprecedented growth and ultimately fanned the flame of American Revolution when her prosperity led the British Parliament to institute restrictions that the Colonies concluded amounted to taxation without representation. US Navy Commander, Whipple, was the first to strike the British in protest. Apparently, there seems to be a tinge of irony from our humble beginnings that begs the question as to whether we are really represented relevant to how our taxes are being spent. Anyway...

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued interest-free money to finance the civil war debt-free. The Chinese saw her greatest period of wealth, peace, cultural and artistic growth the same centuries the Saracen Empire banned interest on money for a thousand years. In 1935, Germany was catapulted from depression to world power in 5 years, and in 10 years from 1935 to 1945, financed her entire Government and war operations debt-free with interest-free money. Today, several Arab Nations issue interest-free money to her citizens with noticeable impact on improving standard of living for their citizens compared to just few decades ago.

Since December 23 rd., 1913, when power to create, regulate and control money was wrestled from Federal Congress with the passage of Federal Reserve Act which invested that authority to Federal Reserve Corporation, a private entity that is controlled by profit driven bankers that charge interest on loaned money to both the Federal Government and other financial institutions, it has become impractical, if not impossible for USA to ever get out of debt.

Why? It is simple. The only money in circulation is the principles of loans and fractionalized money the banks are authorized to make available to consumers based on deposits. The interest on those loans must however come from every Dick and Harry - the consumers, since they are not included in the money in circulation. Yep! No wonder you seem trapped in 9 to 5 slavery in a job that you hated trying to make ends meet.

With the dollar arguably the most preferred global currency of trade and commerce, created out of thin-air by Federal Reserve Corporation, the tremor of this funny money has reverberated across the globe with current fiscal and economic wake-up call!

The ephemeral Presidency of Kennedy who understood the implications of the forces at work when he issued on June 4th, 1963, a Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, which is still valid according to Christian Law Fellowship research, however failed in its intended purpose of annulling the Federal Reserve Act. Aren't all leaders judged by the level of prosperity of their subjects? I personally find it very embarrassing that the most powerful Nation on earth doesn't issue her own currency.

The net effect is that you are compelled to keep less of what you earn since interest on borrowed money by all businesses that impact your very existence are passed onto consumers through the chain of distribution. It is a National and International tragedy given that most respected doyens/doyennes in governments, businesses, industry and academia are indifferent to this global emergency despite lip-services to the contrary. Stimulus packages are far from addressing the root cause of our current crisis! The world has grown more entwined than you could ever imagine.

This culture of borrow and repair with interest has left USA government with mind numbing debts in excess of $17 - Trillion (source; 1/15/14), which does not include unfunded liabilities like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security of over $104 - trillion (source: 02/10/10), a combined total of over $121 - Trillion. Are these interest disguised taxation? You bet. Can it be usurious? Yes it can.

In fact, the dangers and consequences of usury as can be found in King James Version of the Holy Bible, Ezekiel 18: 10-13 is unequivocal; Death! Individual practitioners and societies that condone it are not spared from the verdict. Researchers has conclusively established direct link between monetary issues and greed, single parenthood, high divorce rates, substance abuses, heinous criminal activities, under performing schools and intellectual and moral decay of societies.

Consider this opportunity as a relief valve to these nagging issues where we the people are finally joining forces for a positive and lasting change. It is based on Biblical principles, Universal laws, and scientifically proven by the law of cause and effect, and law of reciprocity. It is the same principle behind grant organizations, cooperatives, savings clubs and investment pools. It is taught by all religious denominations, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Islamists alike.

We hope, with this presentation, to have demystified the driving force behind the broad smiles of your friendly insurance companies and agents (whose survival depends on recruiting and retaining clients); those piles of junk mails in your inboxes and mail boxes; telemarketers touting their wares of telephone, cable, and barrage of other services exactly when you are enjoying dinner with your loved ones. The payoff can be big for the companies, but not to the sales force.

With our program, we have eliminated the red tape of corporate bureaucracy to empower you to be your own sales force, to be your very best. We are literally giving you a blank check to write your own pay check. But none of that will ever happen unless you take action! Will you?

So, whether you need Security, Business or Financial Services, chances are that we can provide for those needs. In the rare occasion that we cannot, we will connect you with the finest service provider in that particular industry. Our goal is TOTAL SOLUTIONS to your TOTAL SATISFACTION. No project is too large or too small. For these, program inquiries, comments, suggestions or testimonials, please contact us through our Help-Desk.

Good luck and God bless!

Chris Agu

President & CEO

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