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1. Is it legal?
2. Is it a pyramid scheme?
3. How soon can I start making money?
4. What is the cycle time?
5. Where can I market the program?
6. How can I market the program?
7. How does the program work?
8. Can I sign-up for as many plans as I want?
9. How can I register at PayPal.Com?
10. I have unanswered questions
11. Can I use Auto-responder to email my subscribers?

1. Question (Q). Is it legal?
Answer (A). Yes. We are selling an information product that we believe can improve our members' lives profoundly. All members are equally granted resell rights to some of our products that they can market anyway they deem fit and at any price they wish.

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2. (Q). Is it a pyramid scheme?
(A). No. It is not.

Freedom of Association for legal activities, our right to sponsor or recruit members is recognized by U.S. Supreme Court as implicit on 1st, 5th and 14th Amendments. It is also recognized by U.N. General Assembly in Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a Resolution passed on Dec. 10th 1948; and by International Labor Standards, numbers 87 and 98.

Be aware that prognosticators erroneously point out that we shall eventually run out of prospects. While that could happen, it is extremely very unlikely. If, and when it does occur, rejoice! The implication is that we have won the combat with poverty; a battle that has confounded mankind since recorded history despite incessant assaults from both public and private sectors!

It is in total agreement with the findings of U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, second only in importance to the U.S. Supreme Court in Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Vs Symbraette of similar business structures. They found that they never has collapsed because of "inherent saturation" (out of prospects), and perhaps never will.

Our hybrid business model of direct response marketing, affiliate (all members becomes an affiliate), Social Security Administration System (current workforce pay for retirees benefits) and leveraging of new members' marketing efforts, makes it superior to any single business model in existence that we are aware of; thus why returns can be quite attractive. We have more safety nets backed with our guarantees and refund policy. Failure is not an option with this program. We have zero tolerance for risks, a fact that no other business can honestly claim or substantiate. Not in real estates, stocks and bonds, currency trading, multi-level-marketing, gambling, lotteries or any other business that you may think of. Most requires prohibitive amount of capital to start, some are excessively risky, while yet others are downright speculative.

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3. (Q) How soon can I start making money?
(A) You can start making money instantly with each sponsor on your replicated website's chosen plan. Always bookmark your sponsor's website. That will ensure that each member gets credited for their sponsors; and as you would expect, honesty is crucial in maintaining this program's integrity.

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4. (Q) What is the cycle time?
(A) It is the time it takes to move from position # 5 to position # 1. It is completely dependent on your degree of motivation, which is the sole factor in determining both your speed and income. Some people can cycled anywhere from thirty to one hundred and twenty days. A complete transaction takes less than twenty minutes, which makes it possible to cycle in record time. Your income increase exponentially with your position up the ladder.

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5. (Q) Where can I market the program?
(A) Worldwide. PayPal accepts payments in the following countries, Click Here I hope that an illustration will motivate you to market this program as aggressively as you can. Consider that people earning $100,000.00 annually for 50 years gross $5,000,000.00 for a life time of labor; whereas you can realistically gross $16,000,000.00 if your entire sponsors commit to sponsoring just 20 others when you cycle. It is certainly better and easier than trading hours for dollars for most part of your productive years in the workforce. Would it bad even if it takes your team a whole year to accomplish your goal? I don't think so; it can be done within months. The course alone can be a life-changer that allows you to pursue your dreams with predictable outcome.

6. (Q) How can I market the program?
(A) Easy. Since we are thoroughly committed to war on poverty with the sole intent of reaching those that are not so privileged to afford sophisticated investment advisers, word of mouth is the most cost effective vehicle to promote the program. You can use online list brokers for relevant keywords for prospecting. Members have access to a free downloadable Complete Guide to Internet & eMail Marketing at members' area.

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7. (Q) How does this program work?
(A) It is a simple numbers game. You will need an email address, preferably from your internet service provider.

With the same email, open a free Business account with PayPal. Fund(deposit into) the account with any of the funding options on program's step two, and in the amount of your program's plan choice(s). You can equally use credit/debit cards for subscription. Using plan 5 as an illustration, your total deposit should be $35.00usd. From that account, make your payments of $5.00 to each of the listed emails and $10.00 to the monitor. After which, you shall receive your own replicated website automatically populated with your email on the 5th position. The 1st email shall be deleted, while every other moves a step-up.

Your next task will be referring others to your web site to do exactly what you have done. Assuming that you have only 20 referrals that duplicate your efforts through the cycle, you will have $16 million deposited into the account that you created as you are being deleted from the first position.

Do you understand what is happening here? Of course you do. You are leveraging your sponsors' efforts in recruiting others. That is what makes it possible to earn residual income, and superior to affiliate programs.

Before you dismiss this as another pie-in-the-sky, take a look at the facts and what could happen with your $35.00 investment.

There are over 6 Billion people on earth and still growing. Over 70% of which live in abject poverty. In USA alone, 6 to 7 people turn into adults every minute. Can you see the potential? Of course you do. Do the math.

Number Of Sign-UpsAt $5.00 EachYou Make
You sign-up 2020 X 5 = 100$100.00
Those 20 sign-up 20 each20 X 20 = 400 X 5$2,000.00
Those 400 sign-up 20 each400 X 20 = 8,000 X 5$45,000.00
Those 8,000 sign-up 20 each.8,000 X 20 = 160,000 X 5$800,000.00

Imagine what could happen if you sponsor 1,000 people that does the same. Guess what? You'll have $800,000,000.00 to do whatever excites your fancy. That is leveraging in action that goes by the new name of viral marketing. Very powerful stuff.

There is nothing legitimate, simpler, or more profitable anywhere. Keep in mind that your account will be flooded with cash for as long as you or those with your email in their website continue to make referrals. Your goal is to upgrade to next plans as quickly as possible. To upgrade, simply repeat the registration process in your plan choice(s) for automatic upgrade.

Ignore mathematical progression opponents postulates of contracting, instead of overwhelming evidence of expanding universe, stagnant earth's population and workforce, which obviously are false assumptions and irrelevant to our program. Beware of marauding self-righteous obscurantists! Repetition of the same event under the same condition must always produce the same result. That is why this program is completely risk-free. The only risk, if any, is the value of the dollar. Its purchasing power fluctuates on a daily bases, and is not a design factor in this program. Our task was to simplify wealth creation, which we successfully have, as you shall soon discover.

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8. (Q) Can I sign up for as many plans as I want?
(A) Yes. You have two choices. Plan 5 is basic subscription. Plan 20 is optional. If you think that our program is worth more than the basic plan, which it is, you can upgrade. It will become mandatory when we roll out other products where you will be required to upgrade.

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9. (Q) How can I register at PayPal.Com in my native language?
(A). Since PayPal is a third party service provider; we do not have control over their website.

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10. (Any Qs). I have unanswered questions.
(A). Please submit your questions at our Help Desk.

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11. Can I use Auto-responder to email my subscribers?
(A). Yes. You're permitted to use your Autoresponder to build your mailing list and to communicate with your subscribers only. Do not import lists from outside sources to your Autoresponder to avoid spamming issues. Beside, our Autoresponder email is formatted differently from most others. Please do not abuse the privilege.

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