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Chances are that you made it here by invitation by a friend, or for any number of reasons. It might include either while searching for a way to supplementing your present income, make a full time income on the internet, searched for work-at-home programs, how to make money, affiliate marketing, or dizzying others out there.

Regardless of the Reason, Why, or How - Relax! Here is something much more than anything that you might have contemplated - an opportunity for any of the above, in addition to providing you with the skills necessary to create wealth on demand.

From The Desk Of: Chris Agu


Dear Friend,

It is no secret that there are fundamental principles that govern all aspects of human endeavors, systems, institutions, or the Universe for that matter. Neglect it to your detriment, or work with it for unparalleled successes and prosperity. Here is an unprecedented total package to learn while earn!
From ... The Complete Guide to Self-Mastery
How anyone can take the first step towards worry-free life, which was designed as weekly personal development course series of principles that span human experience.

Each lesson presentation comes complete with questions and answers, and daily exercises to reinforce and validate presented concepts.

It is pure science in action that lets anyone challenge and conquer their demons, side-step all obstacles on their path, and triumph and prosper on a grand scale.

After completion of the lessons, you will be able to apply what you've learned in all aspects of your life, and be able to develop new business products or services to gain financial independence, if you so desire.

A cautionary note is appropriate here: Complete Mastery comes with practice... practice ...and some more practice. Results will vary by individual; for some, weeks; others, months; but it is a life-time journey that starts today until you have mastered the principles to be able to apply each on demand to any situation.

Why So?
It is because humans are creatures of habits which are sure predictor of successes or obstacles in life. It takes time to break such habits, and the speed with which only they wish to get rid of it will dictate their success with our program. If you do not wish to practice the exercises as outlined on the program, you might as well forget it and leave our site right now. We do not entertain students that register today and request a refund tomorrow. Our time is priceless, and I am sure that yours is too.

Only action-takers are welcome at our site - YOU, that is willing, ready and able to witness radical transformation from a life of mediocrity to a force to be reckoned with in any society. Successful professionals will also soar to new heights. It is agreed that desire and action guarantees success in any pursuit.
Still With Me? Great! I'm Sure You Are... Read-On
Research have validated that why many fall short of their goals are lack of total commitment, ample coaching, or at least some help from someone that is familiar with inevitable challenges of learning and executing new concepts. In traditional institutions, such individuals are teachers; in law and medical fields, it is internship; in sports or any business, coaches.

Further, it is a well-known fact that students perform better in a group experience. Since the lessons will certainly challenge some of your paradigms, our support team will ease the transition.

Our forum and live-chat interface is designed to provide a class room experience where you are encouraged to interact with other members and your prospects. All members shall be your personal support group, in addition to the program monitor.

Perhaps you might be wondering if it could work for anyone. Yes, it could; if and only if they practice the exercises, and follow our simple step-by-step instructions.

I've been personally using many of the techniques to confront my own demons before I came across the lessons. It is presented with such clarity to be easily understood and practiced by anyone.

The lessons will heighten your awareness of genuine opportunities when it come knocking for immediate action. Isn't it sad that most people spend a fortune to acquire material wealth, improve their outward appearances with very little to show for it, while the answers to all their life issues lay within as the temple of God? Ask those that made and lost fortunes what transpired, and many will certainly stare at you like a ghost, completely clueless. These include titans of industries, athletes, musician ... the list goes on. You will learn why from Complete Guide to Self-Mastery.

Why Pay Attention To What I'm Saying?
Because as a Business and Financial Consultant, I and my associates operate in virtually all industries in existence, and are very qualified to bring you the best business models and best practices to accelerate your personal development while you earn. It is a rare combination that is hard to find anywhere else. You are not even guaranteed an employment even by our priciest private or public institutions of higher learning anymore.

Our goal is to make it available to all member of every society since we firmly believe that it has the potential of healing our ailing society one person at a time. One person's elevation of consciousness can have profound effect on human races' collective consciousness. You need not look further than the state of current cut-throat global economy to understand why.

Thus the creation of this membership website where we removed barriers to entry by pricing it affordably ($35.00 tax deductible onetime subscription fee) for anyone that is interested in changing their conditions in life; and with some effort by each participant, the reward can be mind boggling just by inviting others to join the program. In other words, we are handing you a complete business-in-a-box.

There are no doubts that there are many fantastic programs out there that can be very lucrative; however, most are analogous to feeding a man instead of teaching him how to feed himself. What happens when the product or service goes out of favor with your clients in our dynamic society? How will you respond?

With our program you will learn that you already possess what it takes to fulfill all your fancies; financial or otherwise. Your versatility will be chameleonic in adapting to any situation in every landscape! Bear in mind that our emphases are on education; its profit potential is mere icing on the cake.

Our hybrid business model of Direct Response Marketing, Affiliate Program, Federal Social Security System, and Leveraging, makes it possible to Learn while you Earn with more instantaneous results. Explore the site to see how, and its residual income potential. The incentive is so designed to allow us go viral as quickly as possible, and to let all members create their own reality with predictable certainty. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme; you get out of it exactly what you put into it.

To ensure our members' success, we are including an Autoresponder service without recurring fees. It allows you to keep connected with your associates, business partners, congregation, internet marketing, build opt-in mailing list, or distribute newsletters with scheduled messages. Every internet marketer knows how indispensable Autoresponders are.

You shall also be given access to a Squeeze Page (lead generating) utility at members' area to integrate with the Autoresponder, along with other programs that we shall be rolling out in the near future to add value to all participants.

You shall be able to prove to yourself that, indeed, knowledge is power; more so, by applying principles and concepts to break new grounds in whatever profession you desire ... Value - Priceless!
Let's recap what you get with our program:
Complete Guide to Self-Mastery (Digitally downloadable with resale rights) - If you will, you can!
Our million dollars gift (Digitally downloadable) - a companion eBook to Complete Guide to Self-Mastery.
A Mystery Bonus that will take your breath away - for only those that practice the exercises for at least 30 days.
Complete Guide to Internet marketing - Also downloadable.
Autoresponder - Your marketing arsenal.
Squeeze Page Utility - Your lead generating machine.
A carbon copy of this website.
Chat-Live with your prospects and members.
Gain financial freedom.
Optimize your God given talent, or acquire new ones - specific instructions are provided.
Improve your health for a more complete new YOU!
Earn while you learn - you can't beat that.
Your subscription fee is tax deductible - so, it would have cost you nothing.
Why are we practically giving away our system for next to nothing?You may ask.
Several! Firstly, we are genuinely interest in your success. Secondly, we passionately believe that education is the greatest high-priced investment that one can make to oneself (although it doesn't have to be), that holds the highest hope of ridding our society of bigotry. Finally, we also hope that after you have profited from our system and quality service, that it would have prepared you for high ethical and moral standards necessary for special invitation to join our elite group of Extreme Wealth-Builders. Complete Guide to Self-Mastery will do just that for you. And most importantly, to know how special you are and blessed to have made it to our website.

While it is healthy to be skeptical about internet offers of any kind, you should also consider if an offer is genuine. Take 30 days to try Complete Guide to Self-Mastery or receive a complete refund of your subscription, less transaction fee. That is the only way to find out, and how confident we are about our offer. Although the lessons are several weeks long, one week's practice of the first lesson as recommended will help you make up your mind about the rest of the program.

You are also encouraged to contact us to access our Business and Financial Consultancy boutique to either optimize your personal or business funding needs.

If you are a Banking institution and need more deposits to originate more loans to consumers, we can arrange to have millions of dollars wired to your institution. Contact us for details.

Consider yourself lucky to have made it thus far, and please enter your information on the form below to access our elementary step-by-step instructions to see how for less than the price of a pair of tennis shoes ($35.00), you can potentially be a millionaire just by referring 20 others to join our program through the power of leveraging - arguably the most potent wealth generating technique in existent. Registration process takes less than fifteen minutes (15 minutes).

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